Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The new plaze to find the technorati

That is technorati like glitterati, not like the blog search engine... Lately I have been playing with Plazes more and more and having fun seeing who is on line and who is nearby... I just discovered this list of top users:

1. Tantek Technorati add Friend 389/15 **********
2. harmen Steele Hacienda add Friend 159/3 *******
3. falloutboy - add Friend 138/9 *******
4. Joi - add Friend 121/13 *******
5. cyprien - add Friend 119/7 *******

I am not surprised that Tantek and Joi are in the top 5 -- an interesting collection of early adopters... I am going to have to get busy if I want to be in this august company... over 50 combined Plazes discovered and invitations accepted just to make the top 20...

And is that really THE Michael Moore as #20?

No profile online, so its hard to say...

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