Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scoutlabs Launches Today

Yes its true, the super-secretive Halsey Minor backed Scoutlabs is launching today according to a post from co-founder Jenny ZesZut. And even better, they are giving away 30-day free trials for their outstanding social media monitoring and collaboration platform. I learned about Scoutlabs through ex-Technorati folks (they have hired some of the very best) and am very grateful to have been one of the early testers on the system. We are already using the product with a number of our clients and I expect that to increase.

There are a lot of aspects of the Scoutlabs product that I like, perhaps the best is the collaboration model -- getting all of a team on the same page about what is going on with our company. I will post a longer review later -- but for now rush over to their site and request a free 30-day evaluation... tell them Ted sent you!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The new Symbian

The new Symbian Foundation is getting its first public exposure this week in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress. A new blog has been created for the Symbian Foundation where you can see some photos from the booth and also see the new logo. It is a great compliment that Lee Williams, the new Executive Director, has invited me to contribute to the Symbian Foundation leadership team as an advisor and I have thrown myself into this effort with heart and soul.

The basic mission of the new Symbian is to release the entire Symbian operating system as an open source project and to coordinate a broad community of companies and individuals to build that OS as the premier mobile computing platform. With the long heritage that Symbian has and the tremendously deep technology that is a part of that history, this decision to open source the operating system really changes the game in the mobile world. There is a long road ahead to fully realize the vision, but operators, manufacturers, and software developers will need to take Symbian into account as they make their future plans -- and I believe in Lee Williams and the movement that he has begun to make Symbian the pre-eminent mobile computing platform.

Join me in following this journey by reading the blog, following on twitter at and by joining the Symbian facebook group.