Monday, November 28, 2005

Additional Prius Complaints

Also worth noting that a number of drivers complain that the Prius doesn't perform anything like advertised... Here are some articles at Consumer Affairs...

For the record, our VW Golf diesel performs as advertised - over 40 MPG

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Susie said...

Last year I bought one 2007 Prius which turned into lemon because the rattle noise is very annoying. It shakes and rattles when engine starts and stops.

The mileage promised on Hwy is 60, but I only got 44 miles per gallon. I would like to find anyone who has similar problems.

The dealers and Toyota manufacturer refused to rectify the problem and refused to service it under when the car is still under warranty.

Toyota Manufacture rep said the rattle noise and inaccurate mileages are as designed. If so, why aren't they found in Prius manuals?