Friday, February 06, 2009

Apple and AT&T have this really wrong

Another lovely visit to the AT&T store, this time because a member of my family dropped her iPhone into the, err... toilet. "It was in my back pocket and I..." oh whatever. Fine I will get a new iPhone for you. But wait! What is this! I have to pay full price AND sign up for an additional 2 year contract?? Huh??

Apparently the special price is only for NEW lines being activated. But for some reason when you purchase an iPhone as a replacement you not only pay the higher full price for the device but AT&T still insists upon tacking on two more years to your contract commitment.

Surely this is not right! Timothy, the "sales consultant" at the 425 Market AT&T store assures me this is true and insists that it is all Apple's fault. And you know what? I agree with him. It is definitely Apple's fault that in the US I have no choice (if I don't jail break my phone) but to have AT&T as my service provider.

Which reminds me of another beef I have about AT&T -- how is it that I can have five bars of signal strength and the 3G symbol but absolutely no data connectivity? Why is it that from my office, also with five bars of signal strength, no one can hear me talk? Why is it that you guys can't figure out how to give me an iPhone app that lets me alert you to a problem with your network using the GPS coordinates for where I am having trouble? Why can't you become more customer centric? Oh, because you are a monopoly and you don't need to be customer centric. Right, I knew that. Hey Barack!!!