Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Jerry brown on election night

Jerry brown on election night
Jerry brown on election night,
originally uploaded by Ted Shelton.
Garvin Thomas, of NBC Channel 11 ended up being selected by my camera phone as the focus for this photo instead of Jerry Brown... and then I had to drop the phone in my pocket as Jerry was headed straight at me and I wanted to shake his hand to congratulate him on his win -- Jerry was modest - "the race isn't over yet."

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jerry is in the building...

Currently giving interviews but is modestkly repeating that while he
currently has 66% of the vote, only 2% has been counted so far....

The venue

In the shadow of the 880 freeway, 555 5th avenue is home to the Oakland
Police Officers Association. Police organizations throughout the state
have come out in favor of Brown for attorney general...

Yes, we are killing time while awaiting Jerry Brown's arrival...

News crews awaiting Jerry Brown

National and state news organizations gather to hear Jerry Brown accept
the nomination from the CA Democratic party to run in his first
statewide election since stepping down as governor...

Jerry Brown Election Night Campaign HQ

Blogging live from 555 5th avenue in Oakland where Jerry Brown will be
accepting the democratic nomination to Attorney General for

Congrats to ORB

A number of exciting things are breaking this week and next week for Orb Networks where I continue to have many friends (and am a stockholder). AMD Live is one exciting partner for Orb:

"AMD LIVE! On Demand, powered by Orb extends your entertainment experience to anywhere you are, at home or on the go! Access and control your live or prerecorded TV, music, pictures, videos and more from virtually any web-connected device."

Another huge win is the distribution deal with Hauppauge which has over 8 million tuner cards in the market...

And my friends tell me that more announcements are coming! Congrats guys!