Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Selects Biden as running mate

CNN staked out Joe Biden's house and at 8:44 pm EST reported that suddenly the Biden family was under significantly increased police protection. It was probably then that we could have all guessed that Joe Biden would be the next Vice President of the United States -- not withstanding the American electorate losing its mind and electing John McCain in November.

On the subject of John McCain, just a guess - McCain team wrote one press release with the name of the VP candidate left open — then when the announcement came out, inserted Biden's name.

Can't they come up with something more thoughtful than "There has been no harsher critic.." ? I mean, its not even true. Clinton was clearly Obama's harshest critic.

I guess I have lived in California for too long. I just cannot imagine what motivates anyone to believe that McCain would be a good president. And yet there are the polls saying that roughly half of our great nation wants McCain and his promise to:

(1) reduce taxes for the rich
(2) continue to wage war in the middle east
(3) further destroy America's reputation in the world
(4) support anti-competitive policies in telecommunications
(5) restrict research into stem-cells
(6) take away a woman's right to choose in a core issue of her own health and well-being
(7) undermine our basic freedoms

I'd guess I need to try and spend some time hearing why McCain's supporters believe he would be a good leader for our country. For the life of me, I can't understand it at all.