Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Ray continues -- How has the formula changed?

90s formula -- ROI = I x M / C

invention times momentum divided by the cost

NOW -- ROI - P(I) x U / TCO

Proof of innovation times useability divided by total cost of ownership

Software industry at the start of this decade is a $200 billion industry, 70% in the US, representing 1% of the US GDP, and employing 325,000 people

Today, (2004), Open Source Software and Web Services changes the marketplace. Apache is 2x Microsoft. Microsoft is only 3x Linux. India and China are becoming enormous. And the enterprise is adopting OSS

Here is what enterprise CIOs are saying about Open Source:

Positives -- Lower TCO, Equivalent Functionality, Equivalent Quality, Bi-directional scalability, Faster bug response fixes

Some challenges -- Informal support, velocity of change, no roadmaps, functional gaps, licensing caveats, ISV endorsements

What does the software industry look like in 2010?

OSS destruction > Growth -- the industry will be the SAME SIZE at the end of the decade because Open Source will destroy as much revenue growth as occurs in other parts of the industry

US Share < 60% -- more and more is going to move off shore

<1% of US GDP -- GDP will grow faster than revenue in the software industry

< 325,000 people -- the US is not supplying the engineers for this industry

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