Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Open Source Business Conference

I'll be blogging the conference today here in San Francisco -- the Open Source Business Conference or just OSBC...

This morning's keynote is by Raymond Lane, former president of Oracle and currently General Partner at venture fund Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. His speech is entitled The Macro-Economic Impact of Open Source Software and should start momentarily...

Here is the abstract:

    The bubble and subsequent crash in Information Technology will be recorded in history as a normal growth phase all industries inevitably go through. Our industry is maturing, moving from the "installation" phase to the "deployment" phase where mass adoption occurs. The next ten years will be the "golden age" of technology where the focus will be on applications and services, rather than the technology differentiators themselves. Profits will be attained by those that drive low prices and achieve volume adoption, rather than pure specialization. We will see widespread adoption of standards. This keynote will cover the economic impact of Open Source Software (OSS) and its benefits of no vendor lock-ins, significant cost savings, shift of IT spend from infrastructure to applications, and open standards based architecture. We will also discuss about where OSS has impacted today, where it will reach in the next 5 years, steps to accelerate its adoption and to exploit it to the fullest extent.

By the way, kudos to the show organizers. It is great to be able to get power connections and wireless Internet access from the main conference ballroom and thus to be able to blog the conference in realtime. It would be nice if there were more power outlets though... despite all attendees having laptops we live in perpetual fear of running out of juice so whenever possible, we plug in... thus the hall is filled early with people strategically sitting at the edges of the room so that they can reach the wall plugs.

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