Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Ray continues... 2004: Things Are Looking Up, but...

Ray's comments:

The economy is recovering... so why the paranoia in the software industry?

This stuff is still not easy to sell, the buying activity is still back-end loaded at the end of the quarter, prices are at an all time low -- you are plagued with the thought "how long can I manage my cash flow burn rate to get out of the recession or is this the shape of things to come -- it isn't getting better? What is the next big thing to get us out of this rut?"

We all hope that this big new thing is going to solve all of our problems. But the wait for the next big thing is probably a decade away.

Examples of "big things" -- Transistor, Microprocessor, operating system, personal computer, Internet

Is open source a "big thing"? No, it is a shift in the existing set of paradigms that will effect incremental change in the way the computer industry operates.

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