Thursday, October 07, 2004

SpikePost - Polese's New Business

Kim's presentation:

Kim Polese says that strange things are happening in IT. Brazilthrows out Microsoft. So do regions of Spain, Germany, Belgium. China does its own Linux distro. Kim says "this is a revolution." And its happening "from the bottom up."

She contrasts this with the way that things used to work -- power was concentrated at the top, "the industrial egosystem." And this has worked in IT -- "monolithic vendors mad monolithic systems."

But then the Net came along and everything changed. A whole new software habitat now exists. A home on the range for developers. "Soon the ecosystem as opposed to the egosystem was filled with a whole new breed of software."

Open source adoption is exploding. This is a movement. This is a revolution. 70% web server share of Apache. 33% CAGR for Linux. 30% of all new apps using mySQL. And it is deployed at bug companies - Cisco, Goldman Sachs, ...

Web 2.0 arrived when demand began to supply itself. First it happened to programmers. Now it is spreading out to the rest of the world.

"The IT guy is the unsung hero of the economy."

The Net and Open Source were both built on principles that will change the world forever.

When anybody can improve software, it gets better.

The software industry IS maturing and commodifying -- but this is a GOOD thing.

But there is a whole new world of software business opportunities,, because innovation is moving to a whole new level.

Process innovation is becoming the new innovation in the software industry.

SpikeSource is leading this innovation

Muragan Pal and Ray Lane founded and incubated the company at KPCB

Kim joined 2 months ago as CEO

This is a "new breed of open source IT services company"

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