Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Dave Sifry at Web 2.0

Dave Sifry at Web 2.0
Dave Sifry at Web 2.0,
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Dave Sifry says that there are over 4 million blogs, less than half are now in English, politics is the number one factor driving blog posting growth.

Example of blog power -- the kryptonite lock problem (pickable with a bic pen) broke on blogs 5 days before the mainstream press picked up the story.

Blogs are starting to get the same kind of attention that mainstream media gets.

Corporate blogs are proliferating. But the numbers are still really small -- only about 5,000 corporate and executive blogs and over 50% are from small companies.

Only 31% of all blogs have RSS feeds but the most influential blogs (approaching 90%) have RSS feeds. By influential Dave means, people who are linked to by other bloggers.

What happens next?

Make things easy for RSS readers (attention.xml)

Make things easy for web developers (synthetic feeds, hot topics...)

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