Wednesday, October 06, 2004

James Currier at Web 2.0

James Currier at Web 2.0
James Currier at Web 2.0,
originally uploaded by Ted Shelton.
James Currier of Tickle, Inc -- recently sold to (not to be confused with Monster cable of Monster Park here in San Francisco). James makes the case that there has been an enormous consumer psychological shift SINCE the Internet bubble (since 2000-2002). He argues that Web 2.0 will be about people defining the Internet in a way that is core to the way they live their lives -- the way they buy, meet each other, learn, etc.

The psychology of web 1.0 was "make me safe, put me in a walled garden"

The psychology of web 2.0 is "let me roam and explore"

Web 1.0 was about getting someone's email address

web 2.0 is about creating a "quality conversation with persistent presence"

Web 1.0 was about does it work, can I get the transaction done?

web 2.0 is about help me get this done, give me more information...

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