Friday, November 23, 2007

Cambridge Union Society (SVC2UK)

Cambridge Union Society
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On our first evening in Cambridge for the "Silicon Valley comes to the United Kingdom" (SVC2UK) event, we were invited to dine and debate at the Cambridge Union Society. Founded in 1811, the Society formulated the following proposition for the evening:
This house maintains that Europe, not Silicon Valley, will become the best place to build future billion dollar companies."
I am sorry to report that your team from Silicon Valley did not prevail in opposing this motion in front of the partisan European audience. However, a wonderful evening for all was experienced by 600 students, faculty, and business people from the Cambridge area.

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Joël Céré said...

I am European and just come back from the Silicon Valley and I must disagree with the House. The combination of entrepreneurial energy, investors willing to take risks and the absence of stigma attached to failed ventures is unlike anything I've seen in Europe. The European problem is not talent or money but it is a risk adverse culture. That is hard to change.