Friday, April 21, 2006

Question for Runners

I run fairly in the morning here in Berkeley, so (on a good morning) I often don't see anyone at all. But sometimes I see other runners. Invariably if the runner is male he will make some gesture in greeting, usually a wave. However if the runner is female, she will refuse to even make eye contact much less wave. Assuming my experience is similar to other male runners (and is not just because I look scary...) here is the question -- do female runners wave to other female runners? Is it that waving in greeting is something only male runners do or is it a separation of the sexes issues?


Mike Rowehl said...

I run early in the morning down in Palo Alto, and I haven't seen the same thing. There are always people around in Palo Alto however, so maybe it's more of an issue of being comfortable knowing that they're not alone. Normally both the men and women do wave or give a "good morning".

dan said...

I can only add what I've seen cycling: I try to wave or say hi to just about every cyclist I pass. Some respond, some don't; if anything, though, women seem more likely to return a greeting than the guys do.