Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Personal Bee Beta Launched

It has taken longer than I had originally wanted. And we aren't as far along as I would have liked. And there are 2 or 3 bugs that are really nagging at me to go fix... BUT, we have done it - pushed the new look and feel of The Personal Bee live out to the world. You can read what Dan Brekke has to say about the launch over here on the Bee Blog.

The biggest thing missing from this release, which I hope to rectify by the first week of May, is the ability to create new Bee editions -- this is still in a private beta. There are two primary reasons for this -- (1) the wizards we have under development which will make it easy to create a new Bee aren't ready yet and (2) we want to get a new phrase parser into production to handle significant increases in the number of bees that we will be handling...

So what IS in this release?

A beautiful new look and feel, access to 40+ public Bees, the ability to discover articles within those topic areas that are interesting and then tag, comment, and email those articles. Also, the ability to export a "reading list" to another website or blog...

Discover, Share, Build -- these are the three legs of our stool. We have more work to do to lengthen those legs and make this a platform for all kinds of news aggregation and distribution, but we have the core of the idea in place. Enjoy.

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