Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Plazes - Cool or Scary?

Have you seen the new location tracking system called Plazes? I haven't decided if it is cool or scary... Here is the URL for my "public tracking" page --

And yes, for those of you who actually know, that isn't actually where my house is on Claremont Avenue... I deliberately obfuscated my home location... I mean, its a nice idea to see where I am, but let every crazy in the world know? I'm not ready for that...


wildster said...

Why are google posting adverts about weight loss on this page. Do you think some AI as decided that the image of you is over weight?

dan said...

Well, the implementation is sort of lame, so I'm not sold on the cool yet.

As far as the privacy concern goes: It's not the crazies you have to worry about, really. I think the real threat, to the extent there is one, is someone who might be motivated to find someone specific. And for the motivated, tools like Plaze are irrelevant. If someone knows just a little about you -- such as where you work or your full name -- then they have enough to start trying to find you.

In my case, for better or worse, all anyone has to do to find me is look in the phone book. Luckily, there's another Dan Brekke in the local directory, and I guess all the hitmen and crank calls intended for me go to him.