Thursday, June 24, 2004

The IM Wars

Yahoo decided to change the API for connecting to their IM service. Jim Hu of ZDNet writes "Yahoo to Trillian: Talk to the hand." Of course the change blocks other 3rd party clients such as GAIM, and the one I use on my mac Adium.

But the egg is on Yahoo's face as Trillian has already released an update to fix the problem -- according to publisher Cerulean Studios

So why continuously change the interface if it takes less than half a day for the third parties to patch their software? Someone over at Yahoo needs to get a clue -- this is a war they are going to lose. Yahoo should learn to love the 3rd parties instead of harrasing them.


Boris Mann said...

For me, it just encourages me to use that particular platform less -- so it is having the opposite effect that perhaps Yahoo intends.

And Adium uses GAIM libraries, so once the change percolates through the various open source communities, it will once again work with Yahoo. Talk to the duck, Yahoo.

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