Thursday, June 24, 2004

Congrats to Benioff

$1.7 Billion. That is the current market cap of market innovator in the second day of trading on NASDAQ. And what a coup to have scooped up the symbol CRM -- as the Wall Street Journal said, "that would be like Porsche asking for the symbol CAR." Marc and his team have proven that the application service provider model is a viable business model, if not the future of software... or should I say, the future of no software? I expect to see more companies follow in this company's footsteps.

But don't be mistaken by the name of the company or even the ticker symbol -- the magic here is not a new approach to salesforce automation of even customer relatoinship management. The secret sauce is a multi-tenant industrial strength application hosting environment. This infrastructure investment could be the launching point for hundreds or thousands of new applications - now to wait and watch Salesforce (and their development API division SForce) to see if they can break out of the narrow application specific market that they have succeeded in so far, and provide a broader platform for applications.

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