Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Deja Vu All Over Again

Just in time for summer, BusinessWeek has rediscovered digital convergence! You know, the coming "Big Bang!" in which the computer industry, consumer electronics industry, and communications industry all merge. Let's turn back the clock and look at a few other times they have "discovered" this phenomenon...

July 2, 2001 -- Technologgy's Unholy Convergence (doesn't sound like nearly as much fun as a Big Bang)

June 23, 1997 -- Is Digital Convergence for Real? (I guess it wasn't...)

For extra credit, how about an examination of BusinessWeek's other lead story -- Wounded, Nokia Comes Back Firing. Where have we heard this before? How about in BusinessWeek...

January 22, 2001 Is Nokia's Star Dimming? (short answer, no it didn't)

August 10, 1998 Nokia: Can CEO Ollila keep the cellular superstar flying high? (short answer, yes he did).

So is it just me, or are there certain stories that the mainstream media has decided sell papers (magazines in this case), and they just roll them out every few years as if they suddenly had a new idea? I can almost hear the folks sitting around the newsroom, "Hey, we haven't run that stupid digital convergence story in a few years... no one will remember the last time we ran it so lets prop up an issue with the usual sweeping statements updated with a few new quotes from the usual suspects..."

I am almost to the point of joining the blog-only news groupies...

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