Monday, August 12, 2013

Moving on from PwC

After almost two years with Pricewaterhouse Coopers I have decided to start something new. My last official day of employment with PwC was this past Friday, August 9th. I am taking a little bit of time off and will post information about my new position once I get started there. In the meantime, I wanted to thank all of the tremendous people at PwC for having given me the opportunity to work with them. I truly was honored to be a part of this great organization and it was a very difficult decision for me to leave. While I have quit jobs that I hated with no remorse, this is the first time that I have quit a job that I loved -- and I know I will miss many of the people I met and worked with over the past two years. PwC does a great job hiring people who are smart, hard working, care about one another, and care about delivering very high quality services to their clients. I learned a lot being a part of PwC and I wish the best for everyone who remains. Now for me it is on to a brief rest and then a new adventure which I look forward to telling all of you about very soon!

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Jackie Horner said...

Ted, I appreciate very much what you shared about PwC. I met and worked with some of the most brilliant and genuine people i have ever known and made friendships that will last me a lifetime. I will never forget the Partners I had the great pleasure of knowing and working in particular I am grateful for his mentoring, advice and friendship. PwC groomed me to be and give the best.
Wishing you much success as you go along your new journey!