Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pitch Camp! Or how much fun can we have in Berlin?

Are you coming to Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin at the end of the month? If you are, please join Robert Goldberg and I for our October 21st workshop on how to improve the way you tell your company's story to VCs, partners, and the media. Here is the link to the official session description:


where you will see the great lineup of folks at our panel:

* Mike Butcher – European Editor TechCrunch
* Toby Copel – Managing Director of Europe, Yahoo!
* Matt Marshall – Managing Editor and CEO, Venture Beat
* Mehrdad Piroozram – Managing Partner, iSteps Widget Ventures
* Reshma Sohoni – CEO, Seedcamp
* Adam Valkin – Head of Digital Media and New Business, Endemol
* Yossi Vardi – Investor and Entrepreneur


Sorry for yelling :-) Robert and I are looking for 8-12 startups that want to participate in the camp as the example companies (anyone can come and participate as an attendee of Web 2.0 Expo). These participating companies get

1) one-on-one coaching by one of our panelists
2) special prizes for participating and even better prizes for being the best
3) oh, and you'll probably improve the way you tell your story to VCs, partners, and the media!

Send an email to Robert -- robert(at)crossroadsvc(dot)com -- if you want to be one of the companies.

See you in Berlin!

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Nicole Simon said...

let me add this information also to your post as a comment. This is the kind of ticket you need to attend the Workshop:

# you only want to attend the workshop day f.e. for Pitchcamp: choose Workshops Day Only

# you want to go to the conference and to the workshops: choose Conference Plus Workshops

Different and "not enough" to attend Pitchcamp:

# you do not want to go to the workshops but to the conference programme: choose Conference Only

# you only want to meet people on site, have fun and hang out! Means you want to attend the expo hall and the keynotes: choose Expo Hall Only

hth and looking forward to it. ;)