Wednesday, August 15, 2007

AT&T: Sick and wrong

I know other people have written about this but I just need to vent -- 27 PAGES?! WTF!? Why do I need a bill from you, AT&T, that has 27 pages of "data transfer cost $0.00" ?! Who benefits from this? Are you guys on crack? I wouldn't be an AT&T customer except that it was the only way to get an iPhone (thanks Apple). And as soon as it is possible to have an iPhone and STOP being an AT&T customer I will.

By the way, $0.35 per minute for overage minutes and a 1 minute minimum for a call that doesn't even connect us usurious.

I can't wait to DUMP AT&T

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Simon said...

Dude. Go prepaid. I don't bother anything other than prepaid. T-mo @ $0.10 a minute. Cingular (oh I mean AT&T) at $0.15. Took me like two days to get my iPhone activated on prepaid, but it was well worth it. Freedom baby.