Thursday, May 24, 2007

Whistle-Blowing Teen

OK, so perhaps the teen that filmed this video of his high school english teacher (MongZilla) didn't do it with the intention of being a whistle-blower. But the story that the Seattle PI is reporting misses the really interesting point here.

As a parent, I watched this video and thought, if my child was ever in this person's classroom I would be raising hell with the school. This person shouldn't be teaching. How is it that this person has apparently been behaving like this in the classroom for years and hasn't been terminated?

We should give the kids some credit for expressing their frustration that their education is being compromised because the system can't give them qualified teachers.

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Dan Brekke said...

"The really interesting point"?

The really interesting point I think you're missing is the extraordinary cruelty of the spoiled little sh_ts who shot this and posted it. This video tells you nothing about the content or quality of this teacher's work -- I've had classes with world-renowned academics whose space was bad-smelling and cluttered (some were fat and had bad teeth and talked funny, too) -- and everything about the lack of respect these video "auteurs" have for other people.