Monday, March 05, 2007

China Basin

Just walked through the China Basin building down on Berry Street (down by AT&T Park in SF). The last time I was there was in 1996 when I was working for CMP Media on a project called NetGuide Live:
"Building off NetGuide Magazine's reputation for expert information and quality delivery, CMP launched the first true guide to the Internet, NetGuide Live..."
or as we fondly called it back in 1996 "Project Gulliver." Ah, a trip through memory lane indeed. Whatever did happen to Beth Haggerty? Google says... InfoSeek, president of InfoRocket, CEO of LiveAdvice, and then it sort of runs out... Newt Barrett? SCORE Volunteer, Senior Vice President of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce... He had left CMP to buy and run Southwest Florida Business Magazine, which he apparently sold to Gulfshore Media in 2001. So many other folks from those days. Still in touch with Dan Ruby and Dan Brekke anyone else out there reading this?


dan said...

I was in that neighborhood a few weeks ago, giving a walking tour of the waterfront to an out-of-town friend. The thing I find most striking is how much that part of the city has changed; with the ballpark and all the other development, it's not the same place as it was when we landed there in '96.

Matt said...

Hi Ted - I'm still around, watching China Basin and Mission Bay get built out from my home on Potrero Hill, and still building the Web: