Saturday, November 04, 2006


And I mean YOU Mr. Candidate! I am SO TIRED of having my phone ring with a recorded message from one candidate or another. DON PERATA YOU JUST LOST MY VOTE. And I am keeping track. Anyone who dares to use an automated message dialing machine to harass me LOSES MY VOTE. Join with me in this campaign. Let's send a message to these idiots that spamming us with phone calls doesn't pay!


arrocharGeek said...

Right ON! I am with you. CANDIDATES: Please STOP CALLING is decreasing my likelyhood to vote for you...
Here in CT, we've received about 10-15 of these automated calls in the past week. These calls are despicable.

Guy Barry said...

Can't you put your tel number on a register to prevent unwanted calls

dan said...

Two things:

One, there were reports that the Republican Party in some districts employed frequent robo-calling--automated calls, purportedly from Democrats--as a dirty trick to annoy voters and turn them off to the Democrats. That *doesn't* sound like it was the case,

Two, do you feel differently if the political caller is a real live person instead of a machine?

And--a bonus thing--I think the way to stop getting these calls is to make sure your phone number is off the voter registration lists; though in this day of fancy-ass databasing and cross-referencing, maybe that wouldn't make a difference anymore.

Ken said...

I've got a solution for the pesty political calls:

Record a custom voice mail greeting for a specific caller and then hang up on them after the greeting is played. It won't even allow the caller to leave a message... called "ditchmail". Next month the same feature will be applied for callers who have their caller ID blocked.

For example..."I'm sorry, but if you want to talk to me or leave me a message, unblock your caller ID and then call me back. Thanks! [click]"

Gotta love it!