Friday, October 13, 2006

Please help with your critique

Stop what you are doing.

Click on this link to the Personal Bee home page:

Then email or comment on this message with your thoughts about what we are doing right and wrong. Tell me, from looking at the home page, what business you think we are in. Tell me how you would use this and how you would get others to use it...



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Elsie and Joe said...

Hi Ted.

I looked at personalbee and considered your request to evaluate, on appearances, what business you are in.

At first blush, it looks a bit like a googlespam page without ads. That's the bad news. And I think that is a clutter problem, not a content problem.

The good news is that with a bit of looking, I can tell that is a custom news aggregator with no fluff. Great. If it is stupid easy to use, I can imagine setting up something like it for clients who want to track news in their niche.

Is that do-able?

I am available for more comments. Hope this helps.

Erik Hoover, DS86