Thursday, July 27, 2006

Participatory Consumption

The last couple of times I was listening to NPR on the radio I got angry. Why? Because I had a question, or a comment, or information about the discussion underway and there was no effective way to join the conversation. I thought about this and realized that since having converted my reading habits almost entirely to blogs I have been retraining my consumption habits from passive to participatory. I now expect to be able to leave a comment at the end of an article, or email the author to ask a question. I expect media consumption to be participatory! What a strange expectation...

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dan said...

I've been talking to the TV and radio for decades. I find emailing a comment a poor substitute for the spontaneous oral rant.

But I know what you mean. My expectations have been changed forever by TiVo. Whenever I want to hear/see something again on the 'vision or radio, I'm always looking for the rewind button. Amazingly, it's not there most of the time.