Monday, June 27, 2005

$200 Billion toward a hydrogen economy

As the total cost of the Iraq war approaches $200 Billion, it is sobering to think about what else this money might have purchases for the US.

For example, with about 200,000 gas stations around the US, this is $1 million per gas station. Wouldn't that have been enough to install hydrogen refueling equipment at every gas station in the country? Now that BMW and others have announced cars that can run on hydrogen or gas aren't we just waiting for the production and distribution infrastructure? $200 billion could have solved that problem.


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dan said...

Ted, I don't believe the dating doctor (first comment) is real. I'm willing to be proven wrong, but. ...

On your post: Yes, $200 billion would've gone a long way toward solving, or at least addressing, many problems. But:

1)We'd never have asked the Chinese, Japanese and other lenders for that kind of money for a reckless project like clean energy.

2)If we spent all that money on clean energy or improving education or some other dead-end idea, then Saddam would still have all his weapons of mass destruction.

3)If we spent all that money on something as loony as hydrogen, then we could never have created an overseas battlefield to serve as flypaper for all them terrorists and evildoers.

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