Wednesday, February 02, 2005

ZCoil is 'z best...

It may surprise some of you who have known me for a long time to learn that I have become an avid runner. 5-6 miles 2-3 times a week has helped me lose and keep pounds off. But last year I suffered an ilio-tibial band injury... very painful. I couldn't walk without pain for days and for months I had trouble running. Since recovery I have been very cautious about not running on pavement and not running for too long.

Then I heard about ZCoil Shoes.

OK, they look strange. And the look may be enough to stop you from trying them. BUT, if you can get past the look you will be amazed by the ride. I can run again for long distances with no pain. The spring built into the heel absorbs most of the shock of impact. I even like to wear them when I go for a walk in the morning with my daughter -- it is a half mile downhill to the Peet's Coffee and I can really feel the difference when I am wearing my ZCoils.

If you enjoy running but experience knee, hip, or back pain -- give the ZCoil a try. I continue to be amazed after almost a month.

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Dr. Kerch said...

Hi Ted,
I am a podiatrist and Z-coil dealer in Seattle, Wa. I like your blog and I enjoyed hearing your upbeat feedback on the shoes. If it is OK, I would like to put your stuff on my blog linked to my website at
Have a great day!
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Lotchie Kerch, D.P.M.