Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Orb Networks

Things have been quiet lately around the blog as I have been working on starting a new job, which I am happy to announce today: EVP of Operations for Orb Networks. You may recognize the Orb Networks name from their launch at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas -- they were one of the show leaders, winning countless awards for their breakthrough media streaming technology.

I'll be writing more about Orb in the weeks and months to come here on my Blog. Here is the brief writeup that Orb provides about themselves:

About Orb Networks, Inc.
Orb Networks delivers powerful mobile services for the fast growing wireless industry. Orb Networks is the first developer of streaming media software and services giving people spontaneous access to digital home media -- any kind, at any time, from any location in the world. The groundbreaking Orb Architecture allows users to access music, live television, videos, photos and other digital content from any device that can connect to the Internet, such as a cell phone, PDA, or notebook. Orb Networks develops, licenses and markets its services in partnership with leading content providers/creators, wireless carriers, electronic distributors and consumer electronic companies. As an active participant in the issues affecting digital media, Orb Networks is a member of both the Digital Media Association (DiMA) and the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA). Orb Networks is a privately held company located in Union City, Calif. For more information about Orb Networks, please visit
If you have XP on your home computer, you have no excuse not to try Orb today -- 2 months free to try the software if you signup before the end of the month (that's just one more week...) Ignore the fact that it says you need a media center and give it a try. Without the Media Center you won't be able to watch TV, but your videos, photos, and MP3s will all be available. And I can't wait to hear back from you about what you like, don't like, and want us to fix.


marc brown said...

Congrats! Sounds like a great job with a fast moving company.
I'll be looking for more details.

Adam Siegrist said...

Sounds very interesting! I would love to talk with you more- I follow the CES show very closely and am interested in what ORB will be up to over the next year.

I'm going to give it a try and i'll let you know what i think!

Patrick said...

Congrats on your position.. I really like what Orb Networks is doing. Orb
Networks should check out of some the work that we are doing at SIMS-UC
Berkeley, especially Garage Cinema Research and
mREPLAY, which is kind of like Orb TV
sharing except it's optomized for sports replays.
On-demand Instant Sports Replay on your mobile
device.  Check it out.


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