Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Update on Brown for Attorney...

Well, its been a couple of days and there has been no response from Mayor Jerry Brown. So I decided to try calling the phone number on his fundraising letter... He had ended his letter with "Feel free to contact me directly at (phone number) or (email address) and I had sent my letter to his email address first... But some people are really phone people so I thought I'd just call him for a quick chat.

Imagine my surprise when a company called VentureSpark answered the phone. I guess Jerry has hired these folks to handle his media relations. I spoke to a nice woman at VentureSpark who assured me that the Mayor does read his email but offered to make sure he saw the letter if I would send it again and copy her. I did and received a quick note back:
I will be sure the Mayor sees this. Thanks for your feedback.
I hope the Mayor decides to reply once he reads the letter...

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dan said...

You should've attached a picture of yourself wearing a black beret, black turtleneck, and sports coat (the Jacques Barzaghi dress code). That way, your message might get higher priority.

I'm anxious to hear the mayor's response to your observations and questions.