Friday, October 15, 2004

Bush Doesn't Go To Church

It seems unbelievable. The President who constantly speaks of his religious convictions doesn't belong to a congregation and rarely goes to church. In her article Empty Pew (subscription) Amy Sullivan of The New Republic writes:
Bush's supporters say "it's bad form" to point this out, arguing that you don't have to go to church to be religious... They also say that it's logistically difficult for a President to attend church. But that didn't stop Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton, who were regular Sunday worshippers during their presidencies."
I guess the big question is, does Bush really believe in God after all? Or is this just part of the packaging that has been used to sell him to the Christian right?


Tom said...


That comment is really below you. I have been reading you since your early days of blogging, but that was terribly rude.

Modern Gomorrah said...

Ted's comment was in no way rude. He was expressing an opinion which you can choose whether or not to agree with. To call Ted's free speech "rude" is, in fact, RUDE.

Superman said...

Like it or not the religious right made a deal with the devil.
The Bush administration is the most evil deliberate destructors of America's democratic principles that I have ever seen.
Corporations have never been a democratic society, they have always been closer to a communist entity than a democratic one and one only has to look at how they operate to see this and that is how corporate america wants all of america to be. Our job as the defenders of the constitution is to move these corporations as far away from running our country as soon as possible to stop their evil communist agenda. Please support publicly funded elections and get these bastards out of our political system. Also one other note, The election process must be transparent like this, we should be able to go online and look at our votes just like our bank statement to see how our votes have been tallied to make sure the electorial system is on the up and up. Support these ideals to get america back to the rightful owners, the american people.