Friday, July 23, 2004

First Interesting Presentation at BlogOn

Shel Israel, a self-described recovering publicist, is running a panel on how social media is transforming corporate communications. A number of interesting items -- the business of "public relations" is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The press release was invented 98 years ago. Shel points out that 72,000 journalists have lost their jobs since 2000 and that as a result, the press release, once intended for the press, is now a primary news source in itself. The Internet allows companies to bypass news coverage, and provide information directly to its customers.

Shel is providing some case studies that show how effective press releases have been for his clients in driving business. I wonder of Shel has heard of Cluetrain -- he is making the case that the Internet allows markets to become conversations.

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shel israel said...

Thanks for crediting me with being the only BlogOn presenter you considered worthwhile. However, the comments you attribute to me were made by Greg Jarboe, co-founder of SEO PR. I* was the moderator and do indeed call myself a "recovering publicist." I was also part of the Guidewire Program Committee, producers of the event that your considered such a "waste of time." Many of your points are well-founded, even if painful to read. This was our first try and perhaps it was too ambitious to address a community that, to use your words, "was about a mile wide and two inches deep." We made clear that BlogOn was attempting to move BlogOn forward--perhaps from the pioneer phase into the early adopter phase. Many attendees told us they walked away understanding blogging for the first time. Trail blazers like you and Marc Cantor obviously knew most--if not all--of what we were trying to convey. This was our first try. We learned an enormous amount. We hope we do a better job next time.