Wednesday, June 02, 2004

V oWLAN With an emphasis on the OW!

As in OW! Why are you hurting me with these terrible acronyms? Om Malik's V oWLAN coming on strong is the first time I have seen the acronym in use... stands for Voice over Wireless Local Area Network... This is a very important technology and deserves a better acronym. A google search turns up only 3 references to "V oWLAN" so it is NOT TOO LATE... VoIP is bad enough but we are stuck with that one. Here are my suggested alternatives:
  • VoWIP (Voice over wireless IP - at least its close to VoIP)
  • VoWiFi (Voice over wireless fidelity -- more consumers will understand)
  • VWN (Voice wireless networking -- pronounce v-win)

More suggestions welcome -- lets just try to stop this new acronym before it gets any further...

1 comment:

Paul said...


VW-LAN (sing it to the tune "My Chevy Van")

OK, it's late.