Thursday, May 20, 2004

Firefly.. softphone and network but not P2P

A reader anonymously wrote in to suggest that I give Freshtel's Firefly a test drive. While it looks like another nice option, competing with FWD and others, it doesn't appear to be P2P... am I missing something? I believe that there is an important distinction between the VoIP providers with centralized arhchitectures and a P2P architecture. The three providers I have found so far in the later category are Skype, ITALK2U, and Peerio -- anyone know of others? Of course each of these has drawbacks starting with the reasonable argument that Skype shouldn't be considered P2P at all... (see earlier post on Why Skype is No Different...)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ted,
This is Peter from Freshtel can I supply any further info on firefly for you. firefly is P2P via a lookup server and also calls out to pstn. In Australia we are releasing Geographic numbers with firefly so you can call firefly from cell and land lines. Firefly also offers full voicemail and IM , kind regards Peter

Anonymous said...

I am a french user of Firefly, pc to pc works fine, easy to use even for a beginner. I use it with my friends and family, i only regret that it is not yet possible to use it as PC to phone from my country