Monday, January 26, 2004

Reed Hundt on VoIP

An excellent interview by Paul Kapustka for Networking Pipeline -- Reed Hundt former chairman of the FCC...

Here is one thoughtful quote from Reed on regulation of VoIP:

So that's a huge regulatory issue. If the regulators say, "well, we sort of want to regulate VoIP," my view is: Be suspicious, be wary, be alarmed, be worried. Because what they should say is, we have no more business interfering with the flow of bits that are voice than we do with the bits that are the picture you sent to somebody to see if you can persuade her to go have a drink with you because you were connected by That's personal, and the voice call also ought to be personal.

So many people saying such sensible things about VoIP regulation (or non-regulation)... Where are the big, bad phone companies to insure that their investments are protected?

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