Friday, December 19, 2003

Siebel CRM OnDemand update

Its nice to have a blog that people read. Thank you to whomever let IBM/Siebel know that I was frustrated -- suddenly a "CRM OnDemand Solution Specialist" contacted me from IBM. She was very friendly and she has set me up with a trial account that begins on Monday. It appears to be a manual process...

Suggestions to those of you at Siebel and IBM who may be reading this:

1) Automate your process for issuing a trial account -- when I register to try your software, your service should be "on demand"

2) Have your salesperson contact me to offer to help after I have a trial account not as a barrier to my getting a trial account. Use that contact as an opportunity to find out something about how I intend to use the product.

3) I got the impression that you hope that people who sign up for the "trial" will begin actually using the service and entering real data. Why would I do that? If, like Salesforce, you had a lightweight version for free I might, and then you might hook me and I'd want to upgrade to a pay version. But as it is I know that my trial will end in 30 days so I will play with your product so that I can learn about how it compares to your competitor but I will not be so foolish as to really use the product and then have my data go away in 30 days.

I look forward to receiving my userid and password on Monday...

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