Sunday, November 09, 2003

Moving on

For a variety of personal and professional reasons, the time has come (after 3 1/2 years) for me to move on from Borland. I am working on some start up ideas which I will share via this blog as they develop. In the meantime, my Borland email address no longer works, but you can still reach me at the afterink email listed here (over to the left...).

One of the greatest beneficiaries (second to my daughter anyway) of my departure from Borland may be this blog. Both because I expect that I'll have a little more time for blogging but more importantly because I am no longer an officer of a public company. I had always worried about posting too much about what I was doing or what I was thinking about -- I wanted to be careful to avoid violating (or being perceived as having violated) the SEC's "Regulation FD" -- that's FD as in Fair Disclosure.

For the same reason, I won't be posting anything about Borland even now that I have departed. You may see some views on the industries that I worked in, but I'll avoid commenting on anything too direct in order to avoid the appearance that I have disclosed something confidential about the business.

We all make hard decisions in our careers and leaving Borland was definitely a hard one for me. I have had the pleasure of working with some terrific people over the past few years, and of being a part of one of the few really important software companies. Thanks to all of you reading this who have been a part of that time, hopefully we will meet again under new circumstances.

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