Sunday, September 29, 2002

Web Surfers can Follow U.S. Buildup

So writes the International Herald Tribune last week, pointing out that commercial satellite photography is available of Iraq and U.S. facilities in the Gulf at a "military watchdog group." The byline is from Eric Umansky of the New York Times. According to the article, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld isn't so happy with the existence of this public access to military information, saying "I wish we didn't have to live with it." According to the article, a 1992 US law allows the government to declare any part of the earth off-limits to American commercial satellites to "meet significant national security or significant foreign policy concerns." Here is a link to the original article on the New York Times website, although you'd have to be a member and pay to read... The article doesn't appear in the IHT archives -- I guess because it was re-printed from NYT.

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