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Friday, March 14, 2003

Mobile Blogging

Someone recently complained that my blog has "...ground to a halt completely..." and I admit I have been very busy. If only I could blog from my mobile device as this article in Wired News describes...

I have just received a Nokia 3650 which I am very excited about -- built in camera, takes videos, ships with the real audio player... But so far my carrier here in the US (Cingular) won't let me use GPRS... so even though I have a phone capable of sending data to a website like Blogger, my phone company's network won't let me...

On a recent trip to Europe someone asked me how far behind Europe the U.S. mobile networks are. I said "at least two years behind," and then I felt bad... wanting to be more patriotic I said "maybe only one year behind..." but two years was more honest.

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